Carnival Credit Card

Carnival Cruises is one of the world's leading cruise lines, with a variety of cruise liners and destinations that have become popular among vacationers and families for many years. Carnival offers a range of cruise packages and adventures that would be sure to provide endless fun and entertainment to guests, with top-notch dining choices, entertainment options, and onboard activities that make one's cruise vacation truly worth it. And if you have a Carnival Credit Card, you're in for even more fun and adventures.

The Carnival World MasterCard, issued by Barclays, has a program that allows cardmembers to earn points and enjoy many privileges, and even earn a free cruise in the process. As a credit card, this Carnival Credit Card is not a bad deal at all, with 0% APR on all purchases for the first 12 months after the card is issued to you. Also, this card has no Annual Fee so that's one less expense you would need to think about.


As a cardholder, this Carnival Credit Card allows you to collece FunPoints for redemption. When you use your Carnival World MasterCard for any consumer purchases, you earn 1 FunPoint. Meanwhile, when you use your card for purchases onboard Carnival Cruise Lines, or for booking and paying for the cruise, the FunPoints are doubled: 2 FunPoints per $1 spent.

There are even easy opportunities to earn Bonus FunPoints. When you use your Carnival Credit Card for the very first time (and it is a qualifying transaction), you can earn 5,000 Bonus FunPoints. Consider it a welcome gift from Carnival Cruises just for being a cardholder. Also, if you transfer a balance of at least $5000 within 30 days of opening the Carnival Credit Card account, you can earn an additional 5,000 Bonus FunPoints. That's a total of 10,000 Bonus FunPoints you may be eligible for just by opening a Carnival World MasterCard, and 10,000 Bonus FunPoints can be redeemed on your next cruise (it's enough to get $100 off your next trip).

Another advantage to having a Carnival Credit Card is the FunPoints you collect can be redeemed not only for Carnival Cruises, but also with the other cruise lines associated with World's Leading Cruise Lines, including Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Costa Cruises, and Yachts of Seabourn. That means if you have accumulated FunPoints but the cruise destination or package you want is with any of these other cruise lines, you can still redeem your FunPoints and get discounts on your next cruise.

If you use your Carnival World MasterCard for booking your next cruise, not only are you earning more FunPoints, but you will also get to enjoy the simple and convenient online booking tools and resources of Carnival's web site. You can utilize the Vacation Planner, a Web-based resource that allows you to plan every step of your cruise vacation and figure out the best one for your and your family's vacation needs.

As a Carnival Credit Card member, you also get first access to the best deals and special offers that Carnival has. There are great deals you can access, such as Early Saver Offers and VIFP Club Offers if you are planning ahead. Meanwhile, if you need a last-minute vacation planned for you and your companions, Carnival also has Quick Getaway packages you can avail of.